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The Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Article Found on PetMD


The proper balance of nutrients is essential when feeding your dog. Animals (and humans) need a certain combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water every day in order to function normally. Balanced nutrition is no accident – pet food manufacturers work hard to determine the exact formula that goes into their products so that they provide everything your dog needs on a daily basis. Read more

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What Foods Are Toxic for Dogs

Found on Canine Journal
There are certain foods that you should not feed your dog under any occasion. While individual cases will vary based on breed, weight, and other factors — in general this list of foods dogs can’t eat applies to all dogs and should be carefully followed to avoid accidents. Take note and print out our helpful infographic to keep on-hand in your kitchen so you know what food dogs can’t eat. Read more

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Best Senior Dog Food: Key Ingredients to Look For

Article Found on GreyMuzzle.org
As your dog gets older, you want to make sure that you are making choices that will make their life as enjoyable as possible, including choosing the right food. There are more dog food options available than ever before, including many that are for “senior” dogs. What makes a dog a senior citizen? It can vary based on breed or size, with larger dogs being considered senior at 6-9 years, and small dogs not reaching that milestone until their early teens.
If your dog is in one of these categories, you may be considering making the switch to a senior formula dog food. Here is what you need to know in order to compare labels and choose the best senior dog food for your pet. Read more

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Is a Grain-Free Diet Healthier for My Dogs and Cats?

Article by Cailin Heinz |Found on Tufts.edu
Grain-free diets are one of the largest growing segments of the pet food market. More and more pet owners are choosing these diets, which are billed as more natural and less likely to cause health problems and allergies. It all sounds great—except that those claims are not true. Read more

Salmonella contamination possible in Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

Company recalled one lot of the product distributed nationwide.
Nylabone Products of Neptune, New Jersey, has recalled one lot of its 1.69 ounce Puppy Starter Kit because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Contamination was discovered after routine testing by the company.
The recalled dog chews were distributed nationwide, to Canada and through a domestic online mail order facility. Packages marked with lot No. 21935, UPC 0-18214-81291-3, and with an expiration date of March 22, 2018, stamped on the back of the package, identify the recalled product.
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Pet foods: Not all brands follow meat regulations

Pet Foods: Not all Brands Follow Meat Regulations

Researchers in Chapman University’s Food Science Program have just published a study on pet food mislabeling. The study focused on commercial pet foods marketed for dogs and cats to identify meat species present as well as any instances of mislabeling. Of the 52 products tested, 31 were labeled correctly, 20 were potentially mislabeled, and one contained a non-specific meat ingredient that could not be verified.
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