From Celine on Pawshake

Have you noticed that cats like to drink from strange places? You might give them a bowl of fresh clean water every day, but they still like to drink from the shower or the base of a plant. Why is this? And how do you ensure that a cat drinks enough water?

Cats don’t drink a lot of water by nature. They are descendants of desert-dwelling felines that would have been able to withstand drought quite well. As such, cats should be able to get their moisture from their food. It is vital for cats not to become dehydrated in order to prevent bladder and kidney problems. Bladder grit and urinary tract problems are painful and potentially fatal for a cat. Drinking water is therefore essential for your cat to remain happy and healthy.

Note that if you are a cat sitter and suspect a cat might be having difficulty urinating during a cat sitting booking, always contact the vet. Read more