A Utah raw pet food company is recalling one brand of its frozen cat food for concerns it may be contaminated with salmonella.

GoRaw LLC, doing business as Steve’s Real Food, has recalled its 2-pound bags of frozen Quest Beef Cat Food. Health officials in Minnesota say a sample tested positive for salmonella.

Quest Beef Cat Food and other Steve’s Real Food products are sold in smaller, independent pet stores around the country.

There have not been any reports of injury or illness from the recalled products, the FDA says.

If you have the Quest Beef Cat Food in your freezer, you may return it to the store for a refund. But if you do so, it’s important that you use caution. The company says you should treat its products the way you would raw chicken: Wash your hands after handing it, and clean counters and surfaces the food may have touched.

If you have questions, contact the company at 801-432-7478, Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.

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