Dr. Robert Franlkin Honored With the CVM Distinguished Veterinary Alumnus Award

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Distinguished Veterinary Alumnus Award is given to honor distinguished DVM graduates for veterinary excellence in practice or teaching and research.
Dr. Robert Franklin’s priorities are to provide the best care for his animal patients and clients and to be sensitive to the strong feelings of the human-animal bond. He served for nine years on the board of the Delta Society and under his leadership a capital campaign raised 7.6 million dollars to build the Delta Society headquarters in Bellevue, Wash. The Delta Society now has over 11,000 volunteer pet Partners in 50 states and in 16 countries. Dr Franklin has lectured widely about the compelling research results on how animals impact human health. He has presented lectures on animal welfare and human-animal bond at the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association meetings and helped bridge efforts between the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association and the Oregon humane shelter. He has also provided leadership for the development of Hospice guidelines for the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association.
Dr Franklin received the Veterinary Service Award from Region 6 of the American Animal Association in 1995 and the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association Animal welfare award in 2000. He is board certified in internal medicine and currently owns an internal medicine referral practice in Oregon.